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October 2014: Good production month


by Kieran Monk

Production = 4327.8 kWHrs
Operational hours = 198 Hrs

With reasonably consistent wave action for the month of October the plant delivered some good production totals. This was marred slightly by a failure with the generator. Due to the extended operation time, carbon dust from the generator brushes had slowly built up inside the generator around the spinning rectifier. The carbon dust caused a conductive bridge between the poles of one of the diodes of the spinning rectifier and when the machine was started this short-circuit resulted in the melting of one of the diodes metal housingsThis left no choice other than to open the generator remove the conductive bridge and begin the task of removing the carbon dust and re-checking the resistive properties of the diodes. Fortunately the damage to the diode was not critical and operation was resumed.



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