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October 2014: Closing of the “Support Wave Energy. Save the Pico Power Plant


WavEC Offshore Renewables closed the “Support Wave Energy. Save the Pico Power Plant" campaign.

by Kieran Monk

On May 10th, 2012 the WavEC Offshore Renewables launched the international “Support Wave Energy. Save the Pico Power Plant” campaign at Exponor, Porto. This campaign was presented at the “Offshore Renewable Energy: What solutions to develop in Portugal?” conference, integrated in the Fórum do Mar (Sea Forum) event.

The Pico Power Plant is one of the most important wave energy test centre infrastructure in Europe connected to the grid. It is a historic milestone for wave energy and a worldwide reference. It is operated and maintained by the WavEC and it is the only power plant open to the public for training, innovation and demonstration activities.

However, the plant needs urgent intervention to repair and reinforce one submerged side wall that show severe signs of erosion.

WavEC has limited financial resources to keep the plant operational and does not have the means for the necessary repairs.

This is the reason why WavEC launched this campaign to internationally collect funds in 2012.

Throughout the two years of the campaign – May 2012 to September 2014 – expenses with the Pico Plant supported by WavEC amounted to 160k€.

WavEC collected 50.329,44€, of which 50.000€ sponsored by the local public utility, EDA - Electricidade dos Açores. This amount helped to support some human resources at site and operation and maintenance costs. Nevertheless, the collected amount was not sufficient to repair the plant. We continue to search for other funds that will allow the rehabilitation of the Pico Plant infrastructure and its use as a demonstration and dissemination centre of energy generated by the waves of the sea.

We thank all of those who have participated in this campaign.

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