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Links – Wave Energy Centre; coordinator of the DEMTEC Pico project (already concluded). Actual owner of the Pico Plant.

The following entities where partners of the DEMTEC Pico project: - Electricidade de Portugal (Electricity of Portugal); main financier of the Project, besides public investment. - Electricidade dos Açores (Electricity of the Azores); regional utility of the Azores Islands, responsible for some electric Works, also co-financier of the project. - Kymaner - Tecnologias Energéticas; responsible for management of installation and conception works and mechanical components supply. - Efacec; technical partner responsible for electronic installations and supply of electronic power (including generator) and control components. Also co-financier of project.  - Consulmar - Consultores Marítimos; responsible for management of works in initial phase of refurbishment. - Instituto Superior Técnico; started and coordinated the initial Project (Professor António Falcão of Applied Termodynamic Mechanical Department) - Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia, Engenharia e Inovação; involved in wave prediction and instrumentation issues. - Irmãos Cavaco - Empreteiros Marítimos; involved in initial works of recovery project.


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